How to Get a Golden Shepherd

So, are you ready to get yourself a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix?

They can be found anywhere from your local pet shelter for adoption to specific breeders. But, be aware, if purchasing from a breeder these doggos don’t come cheap. There are so many dogs ready for adoption and in need of a good home, we hope you choose adoption! #AdoptDon’tShop

Best Option: Golden Shepherd Rescue/Adoption

If you’re looking to adopt a Golden Shepherd, then chances are, these dogs are going to be a lot less expensive than going to a breeder. You can call your local SPCA or animal shelter to inquire about any Golden Shepherds that may be available. Additionally, you can try looking into private doggie rescues for Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds as some Golden Shepherds may be sent there. If you’d like to venture your search online then PuppyFinder may be a great place to find your future pooch!

Alternative Option: Golden Shepherd Breeders

So, how much do these lovely fur babies cost? Well, the price can vary and a lot may depend on his individual pedigree. On average you might see puppies going for anywhere between $500 to $800. Some can even go up to $1500 per pup!

The German Shepherd / Golden Retriever Mix is essentially a designer hybrid. So, finding a reputable Golden Shepherd breeder in your region may not be easy. It’s best that you do your own research and ask around your local pet associations to see if anyone knows of any local Golden Shepherd breeder.

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