About German Shepherds

The German Shepherd was bred by a man called Captain Max von Stephanitz, a German cavalry captain who wanted to create a herding dog that surpassed all others. In the early 20th century he created a dog that was intelligent, fast, capable and athletic. There was less of a demand for herding dogs by this point though in Germany so using his connections the captain got him into military and police work. During the first war he worked as a rescuer, guard, sentry, red cross dog and supply carrier. His bravery was seen by allied soldiers and he was brought back to American. Rin Tin Tin is one such dog, a famous German Shepherd who starred in 26 movies.

Today the German Shepherd is a reserved dog but while he may not make friends straight away he is still extremely loyal and dedicated once he does. For his family he is easy going, and affectionate but if he feels threatened, or he feels his family is threatened he will become protective. He is very easy to train, very intelligent and makes a great work dog or family dog. Because of his intelligence and high activity levels if he is left to become bored he can become destructive.

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