About Golden Retrievers

This dog was developed by Lord Tweedmouth in the 19th century who loved to hunt waterfowl and wanted a retriever more attentive than setters and spaniels, and one who would be a calm and loyal companion at home. He focused on yellow puppies as he liked the look and so the Golden Retriever was born. They were recognized as a breed the the KC in 1911 in England and were officially named Golden Retriever in 1920.

This dog is still calm and gentle today at home and he is very much a people dog. He loves to be a part of anything that is going on and is eager to please. He is intelligent too making him highly trainable. He does not do well being alone for a long time, his humans are his pack and needs to be with them. He is trustworthy and thrives on mental challenges and needs a good hour of physical exercise a day.

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