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    How to Get a Golden Shepherd

    So, are you ready to get yourself a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix? They can be found anywhere from your local pet shelter for adoption to specific breeders. But, be aware, if purchasing from a breeder these doggos don’t come cheap. There are so many dogs ready for adoption and in need of a good home, we hope you choose adoption! #AdoptDon’tShop Best Option: Golden Shepherd Rescue/Adoption If you’re looking to adopt a Golden Shepherd, then chances are, these dogs are going to be a lot less expensive than going to a breeder. You can call your local SPCA or animal shelter to inquire about any Golden Shepherds that may…

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    5 Tips for Owning a Golden Shepherd

    1. Grooming!!!! Be prepared to brush your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix daily! These dogs can shed buckets, particularly during the summer time. 2. The Chunky Monkey! Don’t forget that these pups have got that Goldie in them. This means that he’s very likely going to inherit the Golden Retriever appetite. So, make sure you control his feeding or else he’s going to get fat! 3. A regular at the Vets! Hybrids such as the Golden Shepherd can remain quite healthy. But as all dog breeds, he can still inherit health problems common from his ma and pop. The German Shepherd has become notorious for pilling up health problems such…

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    4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Golden Shepherds

    #1 They are people pleasers!  What?! The social Golden Retrievers and the loyal German Shepherds love making people happy? Who knew? But because of the Goldie in him, your Golden Retriever-Shepherd mix is very likely going to cling to you. #2 They hate being left alone. If you’ve got a busy life, then this mixed-breed dog may not be right for you. He’s going to face a lot of separation anxiety if left alone too long. #3 They’re the cool kids. According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers rank as the 3rd most popular breed while the German Shepherd ranks the spot as the 2nd most popular pooch in…

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